With over 600 hours of PT coaching under his belt, Karan has guided many clients on their fitness journeys, whether it be a fat loss transformation, getting stronger and pain free or competing at HYROX. His curiosity for sports science drives him to learn more about human biomechanics and performance nutrition to better help clients reach their goals. Recovering from his own set of injuries also inspired him to become a prehab/rehab coach aiming to become a sports therapist.


  • ⁠Strength and conditioning 
  • ⁠⁠Transformation specialist 
  • Prehab and Rehab


  • N1 Education Certified  Trainer 


  • Certified personal trainer 
  • Corrective exercise specialist 
  • Fitness nutritionist specialist 

Clean health institute 

  • Performance PT coach Level 3 
  • Strength system international Level 3 
  • Performance Nutrition Level 3 
  • Biolayne Level 2 Nutrition 

Rehab U 

  • Movement optimisation for Prehab and Performance Level 1&2 

Rehab Trainer 

  • Rehab Trainer Level 1&2 

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